2 Tips From Interim Executives That Will Help You Create Leads From Your Website

A lead is one of the first things you need to do before getting a conversion.

In simple terms, a lead is like getting intrigue from a customer, while a conversion is the actual transaction. The best and easiest way to get leads is to gain them via your website. There are some simple things you can do, which will reconfigure your website, to help generate leads. Here are 2 simple tips from our Interim Executives to help you generate leads.

Add Contact Forms For Your Potential Leads

Contact forms are an easy way for visitors on your website to get their questions answered and/or conduct business. For your company, it allows an easy way to organize information as your company email won’t be filled with questions. Placing a contact form in its own dedicated page is a great first step, but to gain full advantage of the form, you need to place them in more locations. Now you don’t want to spam these forms on each page of your website, but you can definitely place them on pages where you are giving information about your company, such as at the end of the “about us” or “why choose our company.” These are pages where you hope most of your visitors will be convinced to use your companies services.

Link Other Pages of Your Website

If you have read any of our previous blog posts, you may have noticed at the end we place a sentence saying “please visit our home page by clicking here.” Essentially we are allowing our readers to have easy access to a page with critical information, which may ultimately decide if that visitor would use our services. This is a great way to generate a lead. If your website has a blog page, just add a simple one liner with a direct link to your “critical page.”

There you have it, 2 extremely simple ways that can help your website generate leads. The key takeaway from these tips is to not overdue it. You don’t want to spam contact forms or links on all of your pages. Be smart and think like a potential customer. Where would you expect to see a contact form or link if you were looking at a website with a service you are interested in? Keep that question in mind when deciding where to place these things.

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