3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Traffic

Digital marketing is a relatively new offshoot of marketing, but in past decades, its use has exploded. The online world is much more competitive than the physical world, and traditional marketing strategies no longer apply to the digital space.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to take your digital marketing strategy one step further. Using one or all three of the following digital marketing strategies is sure to drive traffic to your landing page and expand your audience.

Digital marketing strategy #1: Leverage new networking channels.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are bursting with other businesses and people. Because peoples’ feeds are so oversaturated with posts and activities, Facebook and Instagram have created an algorithm to only show content to users which they deem relevant.

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of followers you have on these sites. Out of them, probably only 10% of your audience will see your updates.

That’s why you should head on over to new and innovative social media channels and take advantage of less competition. Those channels can also sometimes open up as new features within existing platforms. For example, when Facebook launched Facebook Watch to compete with YouTube, it welcomed new creators and gave them more views to get the platform going.

Digital marketing strategy #2: Use videos

Videos help build a deeper connection with your audience. You may get more views on your blog posts or more people listening to your podcasts, but it is your videos that resonate longer in a viewer’s mind. People are more likely to remember a video than text or audio.

Video marketing a is a highly powerful marketing tool. According to Forbes, “Videos have a compelling way of fostering engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales.” It has also been predicted to take over 80% of consumer traffic by 2019.

Digital marketing strategy #3: Be transparent

Don’t create an image which isn’t genuine and doesn’t reflect your brand. Identify what defines ‘you’ and share it with the world. People are smarter and more curious than before. If they feel something doesn’t add up, they will work hard on proving why they feel so. Some big-time YouTubers and Instagrammers have fallen from grace when people shared information to discredit their “fake lifestyle”, which disenfranchised fans.

Be transparent in your work to create a stronger community around you. People flock to other people who openly share their highs and lows. Whether it’s their business secrets or how much money they make. Knowing that a person or business is honest, creates a loyal fan base.

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