3 Interim Executive Instagram Tips to Grow Your Business

Three tips on how an interim executive can leverage Instagram to attract user growth for e-commerce businesses.

Today there are over 1 billion users on Instagram. That’s a seventh of the world’s population. Businesses recognizing its huge potential have dedicated all their marketing entirely to the social platform. Billion dollar brands like Huda Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics have made millions just from engagement on Instagram.

Interim executive Instagram tips: Use the shopping feature

This year, Instagram released a feature where users can buy products directly from the app. If you like something in a picture, tapping the photo will reveal the brand and price tag of individual items, which when clicked will take you directly to checkout to purchase. Instagram charges a small selling fee for this feature at checkout, calculated as a percentage of the amount.

Interim executive Instagram tips: Create a gallery

If your brand has a variety of products, then create a gallery in your Instagram feed. Build an aesthetic by using filters and similarly colored images. So when users browse through your account, they get a feel of the energy of your brand.

Interim executive Instagram tips: Talk to your followers

One of the best things about Instagram is the ability to connect directly with customers. Take that to your advantage by building a relationship with users.

Brands that have a voice and communicate with people outside the organization create a warm image in the mind of consumers – as opposed to the cold faceless impressions of corporations.

Respond to comments on your photos, comment on those of your followers that are relevant to your brand, tag pages that are active in your community and reach out to social media influencers to increase your reach.

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