3 Interim Executive Leadership Theories

Three leadership theories that help us better understand the way an interim executive works.

The words leadership and management are often used interchangeably although they represent different ways of leading. In management, employees are told what to do and managers work to protect the status quo. On the other hand, leaders represent influencers that encourage followers and attempt to change the way things are done. As different as their meanings are, management and leadership are linked and complementary to each other.

To help us better understand interim management, we delve into 3 leadership theories that explore the mind of a manager.

Interim executive trait theories

These are those theories that differentiate leaders from non-leaders according to their physical, intellectual, personality and social traits. These can be examined by first ascertaining their desire to lead reflected by their ambition and energy.

People that exhibit self-confidence, integrity, honesty and intelligence are more likely to be successful leaders. Additionally, knowledge that is relevant to the job and self-monitoring performance are known to be traits found in good leaders.

Behavioral theories

Leaders are distinguished by specific behaviors only inherent in someone born to lead.  It can be observed by the way they speak, interact and make decisions. Those that are technically, people, and systems oriented are more likely to make good leaders.

Contingent theories

Contingent theories take in the context and background of a leader into account to help determine their leadership capabilities. In particular, their effectiveness to lead is believed to depend on the situation, the leader’s personality and the team. The potential of the people that follows their lead can also be a deciding factor in how well a leader performs and is determined by their collective personalities, beliefs and, mannerisms.

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