3 Interim Manager Tips on Delivering a Pitch Deck on the Spot

You never know when an opportunity to grow your product is around the corner. Interim manager tips can help you nail those moments.

We’ve all heard about how to prepare for big presentations to investors and potential customers. But not everybody talks about the pitches that you have to come up with on the spot. Interim manager tips revolve around developing ideas quickly and creating pitches on your feet.

Here’s how they do it.

Have content on your phone

Smartphones are incredibly useful. Make use of its portability and add photos, stats, slides, videos and any other type of media that helps demonstrate what your product is at a glance. Visuals make a deeper impression than words, and are more likely to be remembered by the person receiving the pitch.

Go a step further and create a vertical pitch deck on your phone that makes better use of the screen and is easy to navigate. Furthermore, if somebody shares their email with you, you can send that deck on the spot to their phone for reference and as a reminder of who you are.

Use comparisons

The most effective way to explain what you do is to compare it to something else. For example, a website that shows you clothes items from all over the internet in a particular style and size could be summarized as ‘the Google of clothes’. It helps the listener understand the direction you’re leaning towards and helps them follow the pitch.

Ask questions

Time is short, so it makes sense to use all that time talking about your product or service. But if you ask questions, you’re making the pitch interesting and buying yourself more time. It draws the listener in and helps make a connection. Additionally, it gives you information to use in your pitch and make it more personal and interesting.

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