3 Interim Manager Tips to Run a Remote Organization

Interim manager tips from those who have worked with remote companies.

Remote organizations are companies of the future. For small businesses, it’s a great way to save money and resources.   All you and your employees need to connect is a computer and the internet. As fascinating as the potential of a remote organization is, it is hard for workers to break into a lifestyle that separates work and their personal life when both are going on at home.

Interim manager tips: Set a routine

A major attraction of jobs that allow you to work from home is the flexible work timings. You can work at your own pace as long as you meet deadlines. But that shouldn’t mean you go wild. Setting fixed hours that are dedicated to working only allows you to focus on what’s important and stops the people from living with you from interrupting you.

Change your workplace

A great aspect of working remotely is that you can work from anywhere. But it’s a good idea to turn an area in your home into a home office where your only job is to work. It helps pull your mind out of home mode and makes it focused on all things business.  But if you find yourself suffocating or getting distracted, switch your workplace and step outside. The energy in a library or coffee shop can be helpful in getting your mind back to work.

Keep in touch

An issue with remote organizations is that because you do not have a visual on your employees, you can forget to keep track of their activities and review their work. Make it a point to schedule weekly meetings and to follow up on tasks assigned to them. It doesn’t require much effort, just an email reminder to ask for their progress is good enough.

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