3 Productivity Killers Interim Executives Get Rid of

Sometimes the path to greater productivity doesn’t lie in increasing things like motivation, communication or rewards, but instead in getting rid of productivity killers. Interim executives are experts in finding and removing them.

When an interim executive steps into an assignment, they first look for ways to keep productivity high. The process to achieve that begins by eliminating all possible barriers to it.

1. Interim executives limit meetings

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is more important than ever for employees to be on the same page. Many organizations address this by holding a meeting to make announcements and discuss issues. Whilst meetings certainly do have some benefits, they can be detrimental if they’re long and very frequent. Interim executives avoid this by scheduling weekly or biweekly meetings and keeping the discussion concise and relevant.

2. Interim executives break the rules

Too many rules and deadlines can overwhelm just about anybody. Employees that feel like they are constantly drowning in a sea of work lose their morale, and their productivity along with it. Which is why it’s important to lose restrictions that aren’t adding to the quality of work. Managers should only put deadlines on matters that are time sensitive and prioritize tasks according to importance. By giving employees space to breathe, they’ll be able to focus their attention on one task at a time, allowing them to perform better.

3. Interim executives remove interruptions

According to experts, interruptions at work can take up to 6 hours a day from a single person. Good managers make sure that their employees are not bothered by social media and work notifications, nor other people in the office when they’re in the middle of a task. It’s a good policy to remind staff members to put their phones on Do Not Disturb mode and limit the number of people included in work emails.

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