3 Qualities of Great Interim Managers

What sets great interim managers apart from the rest? Look for these qualities the next time you’re hiring.

Every organization wants brilliant interim managers that can hit the ground running and zap away their troubles. But they’re not always so lucky in finding one. Because of time constraints, they don’t have the luxury to screen candidates thoroughly before inviting them on board.

While you may not have the time to verify every detail on their CV, you can keep an eye out for some key qualities only possessed by great interim managers.

Interim managers that are quick

The nature of an interim assignment is usually one that requires immediate attention. Only managers that can get working straight away and perform well in such circumstances. They need to be able to familiarize themselves with the office, work, and people quickly and adjust with a fast learning curve. Individuals that are intuitive and quick decision makers are perfect for the role of an interim manager.

Work well under pressure

A great interim manager doesn’t buck under pressure. They are able to handle all that comes their way with effective time management and organizational skills. You can find out if candidates have the ability to do so by asking the right questions. Probe into their past and ask for stories and examples where they were managing multiple teams.

Good people skills

Effective communication can go a long way in streamlining tasks and projects in an organization. By understanding and listening to the staff, they are able to better delegate. Good managers bridge differences between team members and assign people according to their tasks. Furthermore, through efficient communication, they ensure tasks are clear and delivered on time.

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