3 Ways Interim Managers Grow their Network

3 Ways Interim Managers Grow their Network

Insider tips and insights on how successful interim managers build their network by making new contacts every day.

Interim managers bring strong networks with them to assignments. Any successful person in the business world today has a powerful network that helps them get ahead. Through contacts in key industries and companies, they are able to make better deals that help their company grow quickly and drive sales. But building such a network takes some effort as everybody starts at zero.

Use LinkedIn

The power of networking on LinkedIn is highly underrated. It allows you to discover contacts relevant to your industry and connect with them. Furthermore, you can connect with them offline as well. LinkedIn shows you mutual connections you may have with a profile, as well as, second and third connections. Using those connections, you can ask them to introduce you or set up a meeting.

Attend networking events

One effective way of meeting new people is by attending networking events. A simple Google search will show you a list of events in your industry. Start off with local events and connect with the community before travelling to larger events in bigger cities. Sites like Meetup and Eventbrite are updated with info and the option to RSVP. You’ll find many of them are free and well worth the visit.

Interim Managers follow up

Networking doesn’t end after your first meet up and exchange of business cards. It’s about maintaining that relationship by staying in touch. Something as simple as an email or a message after your meeting telling them how good it was to meet them. That personal touch can go a long way in making yourself memorable and building a strong network.

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