4 Digital Marketing Models Recommended by Interim Marketing Executives

4 Digital Marketing Models Recommended by Interim Marketing Executives

Research shows that companies with synchronized marketing and sales strategies can increase sales by a whopping 208%. With so many digital marketing resources to choose from, business owners can easily get confused. Interim marketing executives however make it easy for you by recommending four above the others.

There are 4 core models in digital marketing that can help market your online store and increase sales. They can be used for your own website or for a host site that hosts your product like eBay. You can use any one of the following models depending on complexity, finance, and how well it fits your business.

Interim marketing executive recommendations: Email marketing

Email marketing sends commercial messages to a group of people by email. They are people who have either used your product or have expressed interest by signing up on a mailing list. The emails are meant to build brand equity, loyalty, and a relationship with clients. They include information, ads, new products, promotions, upcoming sales and more. Email marketing is very effective in building a relationship if you already have a customer base.

You can start by collecting emails of people who visit your site or purchase your product. There are multiple services to help you create and organize an email campaign to send to your customers. Free ones include MailChimp, while more premium ones are AWeber and GetResponse.

Interim marketing executive recommendations: Pay per-click (PPC) marketing

PPC is a business model where companies pay each time a user clicks their ads on a host website. The payment is for the click, not sale. PPC is a more tailored approach making sure that only your target audience sees your ads. Do research on PPC and your target audience before investing in this model because if not done right, you could lose a lot of money – the amount it will cost you depends on how large your niche is. You can run PPC ads on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Interim marketing executive recommendations: Blog and Forum marketing

The best thing about this kind of marketing is that it’s free and simple to do. It entails sharing information about your product or service on blogs and forums that are related to what you offer. It’s a powerful way of letting people know about your product and website. The key to doing blog and forum marketing right is to be helpful. Leave comments and tips that can help readers and not read across as spam promoting your interests.

Interim marketing executive recommendations: Social Media Marketing

Sharing information on social media – much like blog and forum marketing – draws users to your site. Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can join groups and engage with an audience that is interested in your products or services. This kind of resource is also free, but it takes time to engage, entertain and create content for your followers.

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