4 Social Media Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Thought Of

Forget online ads and SEO. Go one step further by tapping into 4 social media marketing strategies you’ve never heard of before.

Social media is a hub of connections. On it you find anybody, from long-forgotten childhood friends to a spouse. Finding and forging those connections has never been easier. Businesses have capitalized on the bridge social media has created to get in touch with potential customers. But in a digital sphere so saturated by small businesses and multi-national corporations, it’s not easy for businesses to make that connection.

But there are 4 social media marketing strategies unbeknownst to many that can help grow your customer base.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #1: YouTube

Everybody is doing social media, SEO for Google and advertising on Facebook, but not everybody is promoting their business on YouTube. Creating and posting a video takes a lot of effort, hours and creativity which is why you’ll face a lot less competition on the video sharing platform. Do a quick search on YouTube for the category your business specializes in and you’ll find fewer results compared to what you’d find on Google or Bing.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #2: Facebook groups

Owning an active Facebook group is much more powerful than posting in one. As admin of the group, you have control over the messaging and greater visibility. So, create a group around a subject relevant to your business or one focused on your city if your services are local.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #3: Connect with influencers

On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, “influencers” are the people to go to for promotion. They have thousands of followers all interested in a common topic or theme. You can find all kinds of influencers in clothing, art, food, tech, books, pop culture and much more. Getting a single post promoting your business in front of an influencer’s audience on Instagram can bring in a lot of leads and followers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #4: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for companies targeting other businesses as customers. Post status updates and connect with other businesses in your target market. Two features on this site make it different from other platforms:

  1. Your posts are featured longer on people’s feeds compared to the fleeting minutes of visibility your Twitter or Facebook posts get.
  2. All modern businesses and professionals are on LinkedIn because they’re just as interested in promoting their brand as you are.

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