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5 Characteristics in Direct Reports that Achieve Business Goals

What Characteristics should CEOs Value Most in their Direct Reports?

Direct reports give executive’s an estimate of the usefulness of an employee to an organization. There are certain characteristics in direct reports that executives use to distinguish key individuals essential to the organization.

An excerpt from our blog, What Characteristics should CEOs Value Most in their Direct Reports?, reveals 5 characteristics that CEOs value in their direct reports,

Reliability – I can always count on them to get the job done, no matter how long it takes or what resources they need to secure.  They always keep their word. They earn the trust of others.

Integrity – They act the same way all the time. They do not segment their work life from their family life from their social life. They may not be perfect, but they do not fake it. Integrity is not what people think you are, it is what you really are.

Loyalty – They don’t talk behind someone’s back. If they have an issue, they address it with the appropriate person, and resolve it. They are faithful to the boss during good times and hard times.

Empowerment – Always ready to help others learn and succeed, even when it means they have to work longer to get their work done.

Commitment – Always trying to improve themselves and learn something new either about their craft or my business.

Closing a talent gap is about deciding which people to keep on the bus. You can use an organizational chart or most current employee roster to rate each employee with an A, B or C with the following scale:

A – Someone who has the skill sets and leadership to achieve your company’s goals over the next 3 years.

B – Someone who has the skill sets but needs leadership to achieve your company’s goals over the next 3 years.

C – Someone who has neither the skill set nor leadership in their existing position to achieve the company’s goals.

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