A Sobering Look at Good Employees Leaving!

How has your company weathered the last three years?  Did you have to lay off some of your employees?  And what are you doing to retain the employees who are left at your company.
Scott McNealy, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Sun Microsystems said “Get the best people and train them well.”  Unfortunately that is not what most companies have done in the past or are doing today.  As a result, employee-employer relationships are at a breaking point.  I recently read a study completed by the Corporate Leadership Council showing that 55% of all employees are dissatisfied with their work, the lowest level recorded in 22 years of studying this issue – http://www.chicagotribune.com/ct-tribu-pagliarini-superstar-employees-column,0,2350683.column

In addition, according to a study done by Right Management, the Outplacement Division of ManpowerGroup Inc., it showed that 45% of workers said they were targets of job offers to recruit them away to other companies.  Employees today are more visible and more assessable due to the social networking power of the Internet allowing recruiters easy access to them.

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