Advice from Interim Managers for Entrepreneurs

Interim managers share the best advice for entrepreneurs starting a business venture.

Entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey are passionate, excited and full of hope for their idea. But not all are prepared for the obstacles and challenges that come with setting up a business. Interim managers that have worked with both big and small businesses bring that missing expertise that’s needed to help deliver growth.

Interim managers advice: Become a sales person

Your product is only as good as the number of people using it. Therefore, don’t spend all your energy in creating it but divert some of it towards selling it as well. This applies to all kinds of careers – whether you’re selling to investors, customers, suppliers and so on.

To become a great salesperson you need to be good at communication, especially written communication. Through clear and precise language you can convince others why your product is worth investing in. Pour all your self-belief into words and your infectious energy will draw customers.

Interim managers advice: Be a fierce competitor

Offer something your competitors can’t and make that a core feature of everything you do – in your service, customer interaction, cultural values and more. This is something that applies to an individual as well. If you’re doing something anybody else can do, you need to work hard to differentiate yourself from the talent pool to stand out. Use the same strategy to make your business ‘pop’.

There are many ways to achieving this. Strategies include making your product or service cheaper than the competition, intersecting different functions and/or industries, or building strong relationships with your customers. The best way to start is to stop copying what everybody else is doing.

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