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Board, Part-time,  Temporary, Interim, Consulting Assignments for :

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business development

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help
in getting my first engagement with Cerius. I
appreciate your helpful comments on the
interviews and the fact that you were
behind me. Thank you!"

Gary Koos

interim executives

While interviewing for the CFO position at the non-profit
through you, it got me to look at non-profits as space for
me to look for employment that I frankly had not done before.
I followed through on the process, and just two days ago I
accepted an offer from another non-profit to be their CFO.
It is a job made for me, the E.D. and I get along wonderfully,
and the Board will be easy to lead and guide.

Once again thank you for the time and interest as it paid
huge dividends for me.

Paul B.

What is the benefit of registering?

You likely spend a lot of your valuable time on business development activities in the marketplace. Consider Cerius as an extension of those activities. By submitting your information, it increases your chances of being considered for opportunities you would not have otherwise. Cerius has created a custom profile that helps highlight an executive’s background, experiences and particularly that of a contract executive.

We invite you to apply if the following are true

  • You have at least 5 years executive-level work experience in a director-level, VP-level, or C-level role.
  • You have some project experience.
  • You have the highest standards of integrity.
  • You have extensive knowledge in an industry or functional area.
  • You can describe in detail how you were able to bring quick results to the companies you worked for.
  • You are a team player.
  • You agree to a background check, reference check and other requirements listed in our Terms of Use.

Important information before completing an application

  • Agreements. Cerius requires all contract executives to sign accept the Terms of Use when registering. The main purposes are to ensure and maintain the confidentiality of the client and to establish the relationship of the contract executive to Cerius as an independent contractor.
  • Independent Contractors. All contract executives are independent contractors and not employees of Cerius. Cerius’ interim and part-time executives are only under contract with us during a Cerius client engagement. When not on a Cerius client engagement, our interim executives are encouraged and may seek opportunities elsewhere; thus allowing them to continue to network and expand their skills. Cerius issues 1099’s at the end of each year to each interim executive who has been on assignment that year.
  • Background and Reference Checks. Cerius requires all interim executives being considered for a Cerius engagement to first go through a formal background and reference check process.