Book Release – “How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money”


Book Release – “How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money”

Insider secrets from successful interim executives and independent consultants

IRVINE, Calif. March 30, 2017 – Two of the leading though leaders on independent executives have released a comprehensive collection of their expertise and experiences offering valuable insights on growing a successful business of one. Kristen McAlister and Pamela Wasley have spent years building a successful business matching companies with the right independent executive. Now they bring their trade secrets to you.

No longer does an executive need to work for the same company year after year.  Nor does a CEO need to spend months looking for the perfect executive candidate. There is a dramatic shift from needing to own an executive’s expertise for a number of years to simply leasing expertise on an as-needed basis. How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money provides an insider view of how top-level executives are enjoying long and accomplished careers as interim executives and independent consultants.

Cerius Executive’s annual survey results have just been released. Over 66% of executives are independent because they love the freedom it overs them.  Only 77.8% would consider another full-time role if the right one was offered down from 86% the previous year.  The gig economy is thriving at the executive level.

“The questions we were getting from independent executives was growing too quickly in size for us to continue to answer them one-by-one. The questions ranged from how to positions themselves in the marketplace to getting more clients,” stated Kristen McAlister, co-author and President of Cerius Executives, a fast-growing on-demand interim executive firm. “There was an overwhelming need to take our collective years of experience and pull it all together into one place.  The book is a result of this.”

The book is a collection of best practices and personal success stories from interim executives who have been able to navigate the world of being independent. From “What competitors won’t tell you” to “How to build a successful business of one”, McAlister and Walsey open the book on the insider secrets everyone is dying to learn.

The book is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon – How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money.

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