Biopharma Manufacturing Operations

Interim Dir., Supply Chain Operations - Operations

Biopharma Manufacturing Operations

Projects on-time and within budget
Revenue goals with recovery from production issues
Transition to acquiring company within 60 days
Cerius Insights: A company whose organizational structure does not change in response to changing needs and requirements will always lag behind its competition.
Company Profile
$20 million in revenue
Biopharma Manufacturing
Director of Supply Chain Operations
9 months
Company transforming
Company pivoting to a new market
At least six major projects to be done in a short period of time
Unexpected departure of incumbent executive
Fixed sales orders fulfillment, met quality standards
Set-up contract manufacturer - evaulation, contract, on-boarding
MRP - evaluated, recommended not to proceed, not cost effective or timely
Assisted with sale of business
Managed transfer of all assets to various facilities of buyer with no experienced tranisition team


  • All projectds done on-time and within budget contraints
  • Met all revenue goals with recovery from production issues
  • Successful tranisition to the acquiring company within 60 days