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Human Resources

Q&A productivity
& offer acceptance
resolved quickly within each culture
morale worldwide
Cerius Insights: The Role of Internal Communications prior to M&A Event: An interim executive inherently brings with him or her the role of the “outsider” with no personal or professional agenda, combined with experience of the M&A process. Often this combination can bring a degree of comfort to your employees as they weather this season of change, and minimize disruptions in employee productivity at a time when you need to maximize your company’s value.
Company Profile
Business processes
$200 MM subsidiary of $18B company
Interim HR Executive
6 days/week for 7 weeks
Company was acquiring a division that was 3.5x its current size in over 30 countries.
Company had gaps in expertise and bandwidth to properly execute within a tight timeframe.
Company needed additional resources for senior level HR experience with acquisitions, integration and global environments.
Compiled, coordinated and implemented all aspects of retention and incentive program relating to acquisition for executives and key staff
Created and coordinated Q&A process & forum worldwide.
Addressed situations arising from the Q&A forum that had not come up during the due diligence or acquisition planning process
Provided insights and responses on individual cultures to properly address the actual vs. perceived situations.
Working with country HR leads, created global training and policy manual for all HR related changes due to acquisition for HR, management and all staff


  • Increased retention and offer acceptance due to amount of information provided, responses & transparency
  • Increased productivity by 4x within acquisition team to address worldwide employee questions
  • Issues were resolved more quickly with better local knowledge of culture and working environment
  • Increased morale with excitement and more positive view of acquisition