Human Resources – Non-Profit

VP of Human Recources - Non-Profit

Human Resources – Non-Profit

employee engagement & satisfaction
salary structure & consistancy
expected retention with marketplace salary guidelines
Cerius Insights: To create a culture of accountability in the office, you need to change your culture in a way that centers on accountability.
Company Profile
Mid-size non-profit
Interim VP, Human Resources
3 months
Had a vacancy with VP, Human Resources role for over a year
Augmented this vacancy with a part-time resourced and found they required further support
Employee survey information showed a lack of follow up on prior year survey results
Salary increases were occurring on an ad hoc basis, with no clearly defined salary administration guidelines, or market pricing in support of the salary changes
The Compensation Plan had been rolled but had some key gaps
Employees and leadership meetings were conducted to provide feedback on survey results
Employees were asked to contribute to the development of leadership action plans
Compensation analysis was conducted
Market-based salary structure was updated for a Focal based salary increase in the new year
Managers salary administration guidelines and a compensation philosophy was developed to create consistent administration of the new compensation program.
Salary structure and merit matrix was developed with instructions on how to administer a new market-based salary program


  • Employees were very satisfied with the Employee Engagement meetings
  • Employees felt heard and empowered to suggest improvements in key
  • More structured and consistent salary increases and reviews for less friction
  • Competitive marketplace salary structures help retain talent