Interim Management Chronicles: VP of Strategy

VP of Strategy

Interim Management Chronicles: VP of Strategy

Saved $2 million
Avoided multi-million dollar market entry
Reduced risk of entering saturated market
Increased success with potential partnership
Cerius Insights: Any amount of time spent in due diligence will save greatly in time and resource investment.
Company Profile
Background Investigations, Federal Contractor
$10+ million in revenue
VP of Strategy
Company was looking to expand its business through different product positioning and new market offering
Recent acquisition allowed for product offering to military health market
Currently an outsourced personnel company but seeing a trend in federal government insourcing
Needed to grow business in an upward trending area
Needed assessment of portfolio offering and potential target markets
Performed analysis on internal offerings and surveyed against current state of the market
Created business case to close the identified gap above
Determined it would cost a couple of million dollars to get product to competitive level in already saturated market
Delivered full presentation with all discoveries and recommendations


  • Saved the company $2+million dollars to avoid bringing product to an already saturated market
  • Introduced them to a company within interim’s network that is already a market leader creating an opportunity to enter in an alternative way
  • Started strategic discussions for potential partnership