COO - Operations


Decreased lead time
Decreased customer returns
Decreased employee turnover in plant
Cerius Insights: Selecting Your Heir Apparent - Whether you have a set time period for your exit or nothing on the horizon, it is always a good idea to be working on your succession planning and selecting your heir apparent. While it can never be too early to start working on this, you don’t ever want to be in the situation where it is too late.
Company Profile
Manufacturing, Construction
$30 million in revenues
Family owned
Interim COO
4 days/week, 6 months
Quality issues
Father wants to retire and did not have a viable succession plan in place
Not sure whether to keep family member in place as COO or replace
Implemented SOP for quality improvement
Set specific goals and objectives for current COO with accountability system
Upgraded reporting system for engineering and programing
Reorganized engineering into multishifts
Managed and improved engineering department
Assessed and hired replacement COO
Bridged transition of leadership
Established plan for succession
Coached family member and placed in new position to maximize value


  • Improved lead time by 60%
  • Customer returns reduced by 75%
  • Involuntary employee turnover in plant reduced by 75%