VP of Sales - Semiconductor


$7 MM
$7 MM in new quotes
90 days
Reduced sell cycle to 90 days from 1 year on 60% of quotes
understanding of potential customers & competitors
marketing activity ROI
Our Interim VP of Sales clearly defined the sales process we should use to win business. We now fully understand how to transition a brand new lead into a paying customer.
Company Profile
High dollar semiconductor equipment
$10-15 million in revenues
Private equity backed
Interim Vice President of Sales
1-2 days/week, 4 months
Vacant GM/Sales position left no sales leadership in company
No sales in 5 months with only 2 months of backlog and sales lead time of 12 months
Lack of sales leader and processes
Outdated and incomplete marketing collateral and website
Lack of understanding of customer and competitors
Detailed analysis of target customers for quick sales, competitor’s products and how to sell against them
Created 6-step sales process and trained sales team
Created pricing matrix for discount analysis and pricing decisions
Replaced, established and/or set goals for field sales reps domestically and internationally
Directed redesign of marketing collateral and website along with ROI calculators
Issued quotes/proposals to prospects
Assisted in identifying full time VP of Sales


  • $7M in quotes issued with high probability of close within 90 days for 60% of them
  • Sales team understood and applied processes – using consistent language
  • Sales projections for next 12 months in the pipeline with backups in case a sale was lost