Chief Sales Officer - Sales


Increased revenues
70% close rate for new pipeline from premier prospect list
Increased pipeline
Hiring an interim to permanent was so painless and risk free. I got to “try out” my future employee for almost a year before I made her “mine.” I knew exactly what I was getting.
Company Profile
Manufacturing, Electronic Components
35 employees
Family owned
$25 million in revenues
Interim Chief Sales Officer
2 days/week, 8 months
Growth in low single digits for past couple of years
Current sales team lacked talent to execute revenue growth plan
No sales pipeline to support revenue targets
Competitors stealing clients and undercutting prices
Small sales organization had limited market impact
Launched strategic selling plan to target new client acquisition and existing client growth
Performed sales assessment, established performance reviews and individual coaching
Established premier prospect list
Designed and implemented client retention program
Researched and established channel partners for low cost strategy to expand sales efforts, market reach and market


  • 43% revenue growth
  • Reduced SG&A by replacing underperformers with fresh producing talent
  • New sales pipeline built from key prospects – 11 out of 16 closed
  • Retained 2nd largest client despite 25% price reduction offer from competitor
  • Initiated first contract with distribution partner in US and Europe