VP of Sales - Sales


Increased sales
2.5 to 4.5
Increased customer service rating
Having you around here is like a breath of fresh air to my company.
Company Profile
Manufacturing, industrial/heavy duty equipment
$10 million in revenues, 80 employees
In business over 25 years
B2B, military
VP of Sales
2 days/week, 5.5 months
Company did not have a strong sales organization or formalized processes
Increasing customer service issues
Turnover in sales management & sales positions
Heavy turnover in distribution network
Wasn’t realizing financial growth necessary to support the infrastructure in place
Everyone reported to CEO
Little differentiation between inside & outside sales teams
Established new job descriptions for inside & outside sales for clarity
Defined outside sales territories and restructured sales department to reflect them
Hired and trained replacement as full time Sales Manager (rather than expensive VP of Sales or equity BD partner)
Set-up committees to interface with sales & manufacturing to improve customer service delivery


  • Customer service rating increased from 2.5 to 4.5 out of 5 = average to extraordinary
  • Sales up 24% with no additional hires/positions with increasing profitability
  • No turn-over within sales & customer service division during assignment
  • CEO enjoyed 3 vacations during assignment and now takes every Friday off to spend with family