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Is Your Company Buying for the Wrong Reasons?

Contributed by Jack Quarles Leo Tolstoy famously started his novel Anna Karenina by writing: “All happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Strong opener, huh? The sentence was later adopted to describe situations where success depended on multiple factors, all of which had to go right. Let me twist that into another version: there are lots of BAD...

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Why Most Job Descriptions Don’t Help Find the Right Executive

Contributed by Kristen McAlister, President We all know the typical job description that includes an overview, duties, responsibilities, etc. At Cerius, we have seen many executive job descriptions over the years and it is disconcerting to see included things such as “review monthly dashboard and reporting” and “manage the internal team and work with outside customers”. These are vague and do not incorporate decision making...

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How Best to Communicate in a Multi-Generational Work Environment

Contributed by Steve Cibull   There are presently as many as four generations working side by side in the workplace. This is due in part to longer life spans, retirement plans, and the great recession. It behooves us to understand each group’s values to enhance communication and collaboration while working alongside one another. The four generations are: the Traditionalists; the Baby Boomers; Generation X; and, the...

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The Impact of Culture on M&A

Contributed by Allan Siposs In mergers and acquisitions, the impact of a target company’s culture can be extremely difficult for a buyer to measure, evaluate and control, and has the potential to have tremendous impact on how well the acquired company performs after the deal is completed. My experience has shown that, for a majority of M&A deals, once the deal is closed things do...

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