Interim CIO Files: The Case of the Runaway Train

Interim CIO Files: The Case of the Runaway Train

The latest in a series of adventures based on real client assignments. The situation and results are real. The story is just for fun. Enjoy. Harrison was no stranger to chaotic situations; not after a career in technology. He was enjoying a few peaceful moments reassembling one of his latest gadgets when he got the call from Cerius central. The problem: A multi-billion dollar healthcare...

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Navigating the New Health Care Landscape

CONTRIBUTED BY JEFF CALDER Health Care Reform, Obamacare, Affordable Care Act– no matter what you call it, businesses will venture into new territory come 2014. For many employers, its business as usual – employees will continue to access health benefits as an incentive for employment, with the employer shouldering much of the cost. For other companies, however, the evolving Affordable Care Act landscape poses a material...

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