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Closing the Costly Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Closing the Costly Gap Between Sales and Marketing

In many companies, sales and marketing have become isolated departments. Each working in isolation and without interacting with the other. The misalignment causes issues in the running of the business, and comes at a heavy cost – monetarily. In Calculating the Cost of Misalignment between Sales and Marketing, Charles Besondy explores why alignment matters, the culture and process costs associated with it, and how to...

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How Much Training Should Marketing and Sales Receive? A Twisted Answer.

Contributed by Charles Besondy According to the findings from the 2013 Sales and Marketing Alignment Study* training for marketers and sales people must reach a certain critical mass and have the right focus before there is an uptick in revenue performance. Let’s look more closely because there are some surprising and counter-intuitive findings in the data. The study, conducted in late 2013 and reported in...

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