Find the Right CEO or President for Right Now at a Fraction of the cost of a Full-Time Hire or a large search firm.

Cerius gets it. Minimize the risk when hiring a CEO or President – vetted and pre-screened executives.

Why Cerius?

Hiring a CEO is the most critical decision an organization can make. Each company has its own unique set of needs at every transition point, and they may require full-time or interim leadership support during a transition (or even more creative solutions). We understand those needs and work with you extensively to understand your business and find the right CEO.

Our network of interim, project-to-perm, and temporary CEO and Presidents are extensively vetted for quality, work style, and previous results.




Cerius interim and project-to-perm CEOs and Presidents bring decades of experience to the job. They’re ready to hit the ground running and produce transformational results for organizations at every stage of growth, in every industry.

Cerius interim executives include world-class part-time, interim, and temp-to-perm CEOs and Presidents—guaranteed.



“Hard to believe he was able to transition in so quickly and well. Saying the business has stabilized is an understatement.”

A large nonprofit brought in a full-time Interim CEO for 6 months to help stabilize the business after a couple of previous failed CEO hires.

In a 6 Month Interim assignment


  • Achieved 34% increase in annualized donations
  • Reduced dependency on public broadcasters by 23%
  • Reduced outsourced marketing costs by 60% for same amount of services
  • Significantly increased calls per week handled in call centers
  • Accepted an offer for the permanent role as CEO

“We would not be in business today if we did not make the move to bring in an interim executive.”

A small family-owned manufacturing company needed an Interim President help keep the company in business.

In just 6 months, 2-3 days per week


  • Achieved breakeven in 2 months, profitability by 3rd month
  • Transformed 3% loss to 3% profit in 5 months
  • Reduced returns by 90%
  • Reduced inventory by over 16%

“[The interim] was the right choice so we could make the tough change in leadership. He helped us see harsh realities of the state of the company and he pointed us to the road of recovery until we found our permanent solution.”

A family- and woman-owned $17M manufacturing company brought in an interim President for 3 months to transition the company after the father/owner passed away suddenly.

In just 3 months, 4-5 days per week


  • Realized savings equivalent to 4× increase in sales
  • Reduced: 50% scrap, 78% overtime, 75% returns, 15% storage costs, 50% of SKUS, 10% of workforce
  • Found additional $1M in sold inventory

One size does not fit all when it comes to the top leadership of the company. You decide what works best for the company and the situation:


Make sure you’ve found the right fit for both your organization and the CEO. Keep the business moving forward before committing to a long-term, permanent executive hire.


You need a CEO to quickly step-in as leader of the company, whether in the short term, while the current CEO is on leave, or longer term, while you conduct a methodical CEO search. Regardless of who comes in to do the job in the long run, you need someone capable to come inside your organization right now, working with your team as interim CEO.


When the company is in crisis, the best thing you can do is bring in someone who has stepped into this situation several times under similar circumstances and been successful as a CEO in a business turnaround situation. We know the background and capabilities of the CEOs in our network and find the right CEO for each unique situation.


The CEO is uniquely responsible for driving and communicating the vision and direction of the company. You need someone with the right background, understanding of the business/industry, and ability to create a vision that others will follow. We spend the time to understand what you need, provide our expert input and find the right CEO for your company.

Find the right CEO for right now.

Make one call and let Cerius help you find the right executive for your business, your industry, and your unique situation—within one week.