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Upcoming Cerius Executive Forums

1. Overview – The Business Plan – September

How do you fit 20-40 years into 2 pages or a single conversation? The answer is you don’t.  By the time you become an executive you have done so many things and want to convey that and it becomes confusing. We’ll talk through a few tips to help you narrow it to the highlights combined with what type of work you want to do. The rest of the series will be keeping your messaging consistent across all mediums and interactions others have with you.

2. Resume/Bio/CV – October

Now that you have your messaging and what you want to lead with, how do you convey that on your resume or bio? What are the different formats you can pick from and what will work best for the interim career you want? Whether you attended the first session or not, this will be invaluable for all.

3. LinkedIn – November

In the digital age, this is our new business card, website, and networking tool. This is the first place most people will go to when they want to learn more about you or verify their interactions with you. This will be a 30k foot view of what you put together in the first two sessions. If you missed either session, no problem. We’ll make sure you get the recap so you are prepared.

4. Holiday Happy Hour – December 15, 12:30 PM PST/3:30 PM EST (updated date/time)

Let’s take a break and celebrate! Holiday trivia! Wear your ugly sweater! Bring a festive beverage and let’s have a holiday “cheers”!

5. Interviewing – January 26, 11 AM PST/2 PM EST

Now that we are clear on our messaging, the type of work, how we are presenting it in our digital footprint, does it come through in a conversation? Your interim board of advisors will help you practice and refine. Learn how to convey your expertise into the engagement or job you want.

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