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IRVINE, Calif. June 5, 2017Cerius Executives announced today their strategic partnership with CapStack West.  Business leaders can now get the capital they need to grow their business as well as the expert advice to accelerate that growth all in one place.

Cerius recently launched Cerius Advisors, a seamless platform giving chief executive officers and business owners the benefits of an advisory board in a more flexible and on-demand model.  Cerius works with companies, at no cost, to find the right advisor or subject matter expert from our network of hand selected senior level executives who have decades of experience leading organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries.  Given the ease of process, business leaders can contract with an advisor on an ad-hoc hourly basis for about half of the typical advisor and subject matter expert cost.  A perfect compliment to the CapStack West community.

“Business leaders at all levels need access to capital, expert advice and a community for collaboration.  CapStack West has brought this all together in one place to make it a must for any growing business. Cerius has been working with businesses of all sizes for close to 15 years and has seen the frustration of businesses when it comes to their capital or debt needs.  We are pleased to join the CapStack West community providing our highly vetted network of subject matter experts and advisors to help create success for all.” Kristen McAlister, President, Cerius Executives

CapStack West developed a private social community built to automate the process of capital deployment. In addition to inviting over 20,000 capital providers, of all types, the community includes Experts and Services that C-Suite executives demand.

The CapStack West platform is private; capital requestors are only seen by the matched capital providers. Providers stay private as well, walled off from the constant barrage of calls and emails from requestors.  Both have direct access to posting content to bolster their offerings.  CapStack West does not charge success fees and members can put their membership on hold once funds are secured. They can reopen their profile, change the type of capital and amount, and raise again and again, throughout their corporate lifecycle.

“The Cerius partnership is a welcome addition to the CapStack West business capital community.  Growing a company in this accelerated climate requires precise decisions and execution.  Having the right advisors, at your fingertips, literally, is what the partnership with Cerius does for our c-suite executives on CapStack West.  As they search for the right type of investment capital, they can also identify and enlist strong advisors, with proven track records, from the Cerius community,” Ken Hubbard, CEO-CapStack West.



About Cerius Executives

As one of the largest North American providers of contract executives for part-time, temporary, interim and consulting assignments, Cerius has a network of thousands of executives from Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, IT, Engineering and Human Resources. These executives are available to step into companies on short notice to fill a sudden gap in leadership, to run a key initiative, or to provide specialized skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time. Cerius serves clients of all sizes from virtually every industry. Cerius is headquartered in Irvine, California. www.ceriusexecutives.com, (949) 867-7119.



About CapStack West

CapStack West (CSW) is a private social community built specifically to accelerate the deployment of capital for business growth.  CSW delivers a true social community experience for companies looking for equity or debt as well as for capital providers deploying all types of funds to companies at all stages of growth.  CSW is a subscription platform with no success fees. The platform includes advanced deal management, group and private – video/audio/text chat, calendaring, live news feed, saving articles for later review, experts, services and target advertising.



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