Human Resources Trends Impacting How We Work Today and Tomorrow

Staying current on the #1 asset of every company – its People!

Educational lunch & learn workshops for members of our professional network who support the human capital needs of organizations.

“Unlocking Workplace Potential: Strategic Use of Assessments for Organizational Success”

In today’s dynamic work environment, understanding personality and assessment tools is crucial for enhancing organizational effectiveness. This webinar will review the array of workforce assessments, exploring their historical context, and highlighting their significance to organizations and leaders. Participants will gain insights on evaluating and integrating assessment data throughout the employee lifecycle, determining the most suitable assessments for specific purposes, and designing a comprehensive assessment roadmap for their organizations. Presented by Stephanie Licata

“Optimizing Workforce Benefits for Your Organization”

Join us to explore key considerations for optimizing your benefits strategy. We’ll cover what to know when evaluating your options and what questions you should be asking. Learn when to consider partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or determine if self-insurance is the right path for your organization. From case studies to compliance tips, this session will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that support your employees and drive business success. Presented by Greg Haack, Archie Coupe, and James Corrales

“Transformative Leadership & Collaboration with Emotional Intelligence”

In the rapidly evolving business world, effective leadership is more about how we get work done than what we do. Join this interactive session to discover strategies for fostering a productive, innovative, and collaborative workplace. Learn how to guide leadership on how to develop their teams to think critically and meet people where they are, ensuring their unique strengths are leveraged. We will delve into how HR leaders can teach others to lead through influence, develop immediate rapport, and establish strong working relationships. We’ll have actionable tools to help you be the transformative leader in the organization elevating individual, team, and organizational performance.

“Creating a Safer Space at Work – The Intersection of Conversation and Compliance”

Navigating the complexities of what you learn as an HR leader is continuing to evolve as external factors such as updated laws and election years impact the workplace. Social injustices, divided ideologies, living wage debates, privacy concerns, and an election year…all before 10 am! Effectively navigating the complexities of what you learn as an HR leader has never been more important and more complicated. As workforce expectations and labor laws continually evolve, it’s more critical than ever for HR leaders to be aware of what laws and trends are on the horizon as well as to be skilled at artfully handling any sensitive or concerning workplace issues, conduct, concerns that may be brought to their attention.

“Turning Leadership Titles Into Leadership Teams”

Human Resources is the company’s best offensive player for building leadership teams that will create success within an organization . It starts with being a partner to the CEO creating clarity of the company vision and goals throughout the organization and the fundamentals for building teams to accomplish the goals. Presented by Kristen McAlister

“Advancements in HR Technology and Generative AI”

HR technology is receiving intelligent upgrades with the integration of generative AI, optimizing tasks and enabling leaders to prioritize their workers more effectively. HR professionals are encouraged to find ways to remove bottlenecks, improve performance, and reward productivity-driving behaviors, with a particular emphasis on the use of technology and data analysis. Presented by Kara Vega

“Navigating the Future: Becoming the HR Leader of Tomorrow”

In an era where human resources leadership is more crucial than ever. Our panel of distinguished HR leaders will delve into the multifaceted role of HR in shaping the future of businesses. As organizations navigate through rapid changes and unforeseen challenges, the traditional reactive role of HR is rapidly changing as well. This session aims to shed light on the proactive and strategic dimensions that HR leaders must embrace to drive organizational success and sustainability. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into balancing immediate needs with strategic objectives, investing in people effectively, and preparing companies for the Future of Work. Guest panel: Angeli Elliott, Darren Chiappetta