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Experienced Executives
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Our team owns the solution and takes
the burden off of you. Interim, Part-Time,
and Project-Based Executives.

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    Chris Shepard

    Chris has an extensive background in Insurance, Technology, and Healthcare. Chris spent the first decade of his professional career launching & growing insurance offices across the Midwest. After making a successful exit from the insurance industry, he built out a sales team for a technology startup specializing in hospitality & healthcare. Chris’s strengths are in the areas of strategic sales and sales leadership. Additionally, he serves in leadership roles to non-profit organizations dedicated to community improvement & personal growth.

    Why A Cerius Executive?

    We’re serious about helping you find the talent you need to grow and scale your business.

    How Can We Help You Grow?

    No matter what you are looking for, we can provide an experienced and verified Executive to jump in and lead.
    • Fractional/ Part-Time Executives
      Lower cost, nimble, and responsive to immediate needs. Perfect for when you aren’t sure exactly what you need. Start with mission-critical projects and quick-wins.
    • Interim Executives
      When you need someone inside for a few weeks or a few months – part-time, full-time, or project-based. An Interim Executive can fill a key gap in leadership. Let them lead and execute on a key initiative, while providing specialized skills and knowledge.
    • Project Executives
      When you need a particular leadership role in your company but can’t justify it on a full time basis, try an executive on a project basis. A project executive can quickly bring you the expertise you need while saving you money

    Don’t Take It From Us

    Our clients are raving about us – find out why
    Cerius was incredibly responsive and professional in this process, and they provided flexibility in the way we managed the transition…I have recommended Cerius to numerous CEOs with the same need. Cerius is a strategic solution for key functions.
    Bill Moore
    Bill Moore
    President, PacMoore
    The Interim Executive completed several of the initiatives and made significant progress on the remaining initiatives. His involvement and leadership of these initiatives over sixteen weeks was integral to getting them completed.
    Lindsay M.
    Lindsay M.
    CAO, Magnaflow
    Due to complacency and a lack of talent that I wasn’t initially aware of, I began to see weaknesses in several of our company’s departments. With the help of an interim HR executive and an interim COO, our company is back on the road to substantial gains and profitability.
    Mitch Sussman
    Mitch Sussman
    CEO, Jobar International Inc.

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