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Cerius gets it. Operations leadership is a serious strategic and hands-on function. When you need an Operation executive, you need the right one, right now.

Why Cerius?

Our network of interim, project-to-perm, and temporary Operations executives are extensively vetted for quality and previous results.




Cerius interim and project-to-perm Operations executives bring decades of experience to the job. They’re ready to hit the ground running and produce transformational results for organizations at every stage of growth, in every industry.

Cerius interim executives include world-class part-time, interim, and temp-to-perm Operations Executives—guaranteed.



“A company whose organizational structure does not change in response to changing needs and requirements will always lag behind its competition.

A biopharama company with $20 million in revenue brought in an interim Director of Supply Chain Operations for 9 months to help the company through a major market pivot and transition. This including an MRP implementation.

In 9 months


  • All projects were done on-time and within budget constraints.
  • Met all revenue goals with recovery from production issues
  • Successful transition to the acquiring company within 60 days

“We are leaps and bounds from where we were and are more confident in our roles. I can’t believe this is the same company!”

A small family-owned business brought in a part-time interim Operations Executive to help the company improve its infrastructure, process, and accountability to handle its rapid growth.

In just 6 weeks, a few hours a week


  • Accounting closed the books on the 5th of the following month and reporting was available by the 10th
  • Established decision making dashboard for the CEO
  • Increased productivity and better prioritization within the R&D

Interim operations executives help put into place lean practices, establish processes, procedures, and accountability, establish the infrastructure to support it at the next stage of growth or help identify and improve profit margins.

A large manufacturing and distribution company brought an interim Director of Operations into a subsidiary it had recently acquired for 11 months while they determined the longer-term plan.

In 11 months


  • Met all financial goals
  • Minimized industry contraction through supply chain efficiencies
  • Ensured 100% orders shipped with no operations mishaps during the transition
  • Increased bank inventory audit compliance rate from 30% to 100%

A Partial List of Part-Time, Interim, and Temporary Operations executive services:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Re-engineering, Optimization and Best Practices
  • Six Sigma / ISO and Lean Sigma / Lean Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Service and Call
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system planning and implementation
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Performance Improvement
  • Contract Management
  • Facilities and Securities
  • Manufacturing and manufacturing out-sourcing

Hourly, Daily, Weekly

In as little as a few hours a week, a part-time Operations Executive can start to make progress and increase their time as they provide you ROI.

Find the right CIO or CTO for right now.

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