Company Size & Timeframe

  • $20+ million in revenue
  • 3 days/week for 11 months


  • 15% revenue growth (year over year) while absorbing expenses from the reorganization
  • 20% reduction in administrative support time and cost
  • Maintained project margin distribution
  • 50% reduction in resource planning time

Company Profile & Position

  • Multiple partners
  • Interim Managing Director of Project Management, Advisor to the Board


  • Challenged to reach growth objectives
  • Too much dependency on one market segment
  • No IT strategy


  • Realigned organization from being geography-based to targeted industry-based
  • Developed and implemented QA/QC processes and procedures
  • Introduced a centralized PMO to manage and report resource utilization
  • Implemented PMO software
  • Realigned job descriptions and compensation for key management and partners
  • Implemented KPIs linked to measurements at managerial and executive levels

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