Delegation is Good

On this episode of Cerius Business Today, Pam and Kristen talk about the benefits of delegation in your company. Later in the episode, Kristen has a discussion with Brad Gord about when a CEO should think about delegating to a sales manager.

Pam spoke about why businesses don’t delve into delegation easily:

“It’s because they don’t think they can replace that position with someone who they think that can do it better. They’re afraid to release the reins on that position because oh my gosh, what if they screw it up? What if everything I’ve done up to this point goes by the wayside because they’re doing the wrong thing. I mean there’s all sorts of fears because you’ve been doing it so long. Or even if you’ve just been doing it a year, it’s still you’re the only one that’s been doing it and you’ve been accountable for it. All of a sudden you’re bringing in somebody else that’s supposed to be over this area and knows what they’re doing. Sure, their résumés always look good, you just never know.”

She also shares why delegation is important for companies:

Take a look at your company, and determine the most important area where you could use better expertise and somebody who has more time than you do that can come in and take over that area. And I got to tell you it pays unbelievable for a company. I mean Kristen and I kid about this whole her running IT, but we have advanced so significantly since she gave up IT because again it’s somebody knows what they’re doing, it’s all they’re doing for us and it gives Kristen time to do other things like marketing which she absolutely loves. So again delegation is a good thing and most owners, I don’t care whether you’re an entrepreneur or whether you’re a CEO of a $100 million company, I still see it. You’re controlling. You think that you can do it better than anybody else. Well I got news for you. Sometimes that just isn’t true. So anyway take a look at what you can delegate in your company, it will pay you back ten times.

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