Company Size & Timeframe

  • $15+ million in revenue
  • 2 days/week, 14 months


  • Bottom-line impact of $600,000+
  • 20% reduction of inventory on-hand
  • 50% reduction in customer backorders
  • 20% reduction in warehouse space requirements
  • Customer order time reduced from six to four days
  • Cost reductions from renegotiated supplier contracts

Company Profile & Position

  • In business for more than 40 years
  • Director of Operations


  • CEO saw need to focus on: Process improvements, staff effectiveness, management strength
  • Wanted to provide foundation for future growth


  • Restructured and resized the organization to meet needs and objectives of the strategic plan
  • Optimized the supply and distribution processes and channels to ensure quality while minimizing costs
  • Developed a set of highly transparent, widely accessible performance metrics

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote

“What we thought we would get was improved operations; but what we got was an entirely new, performance-based approach to all company activities – and the insights necessary to make substantial strategic changes.”