Company Size & Timeframe

  • $15+ million in revenue
  • 2-3 days/week, 8 months


  • 15% revenue increase
  • Elimination of slow-selling SKUs; addition of other SKUs with greater sales
  • More development of distribution channels
  • Switched banks to obtain better services offering
  • Adjusted strategic plan based on cost and budget

Company Profile & Position

  • In business for more than 40 years
  • CFO


  • CEO sought help with internal management information and overall assessment of areas for improvement
  • During economic downturn, sales dropped 30+%
  • Cost-cutting was painful
  • Banking concerns


  • Completed assessment, including a roadmap to move forward
  • Created a benchmark report about industry and competitors to give company more direction
  • Identified a niche in the marketplace
  • Created a manual for financial processes
  • Conducted monthly reporting analysis for channels, products and analytical schedules
  • Adjusted financial statements to show the “why” behind the numbers and where improvement is needed
  • Updated strategic plan to include financial consequences of different scenarios, leading to more informed decisions
  • Negotiated with banks for better credit line

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Cerius Insights – Customer Quote

‘Profit and Peace’ – That’s how one interim CFO for Cerius Executives summed up the role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO.)