Finding Leadership

Building Teams That Build Your Business

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Illustration for Audiobook: Chapter 7 – Whom do You Need to do it?

No need to start from scratch and figure it all out yourself. There are common patterns in functional roles and how to align the objective the company needs with the type of experience the leader has. The human resources example was easy to remember. He took out a piece of paper and recreated it.

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Building Teams That Build Your Business

A food scientist turned business owner, Carrie started helping people commercialize their recipes and grew the business to a thriving company. But she was managing everything herself. The unsustainability of this became clear 15 years in, when a fire erupts at her manufacturing plant. She is miles away and feels helpless. This devastating feeling gets worse when she arrives at the plant a short time later to find her team standing around watching the fire burn.

Carrie knows there’s a better way to run and grow her company. Finding Leadership chronicles her path from being an exhausted business owner to having her business run without her.

Through the tools detailed in this book, Carrie learns to:

• Determine her most meaningful role and what she enjoys doing — and not doing.

• Decide where she wants the company to go and what is needed to get there.

• Align her existing team with what needs to be done and fill any gaps.

• Create a leadership team that is aligned and driving to the destination Carrie has mapped.

• Remove the roadblocks and get forward movement, so she is leading her company — instead of it leading her.

We all start companies for different reasons. Sometimes we are inspired by an idea we can’t believe no one else has thought of before. Other times, it’s the desire to do our own thing, to never have a boss again. Whatever the reason, founders pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their companies. Overall, it’s worth it … most days, well, some days. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this hard. There is a solution.

Carrie’s journey will seem both familiar and revolutionary. Finding Leadership will give you the company you always wanted. More importantly, it will give you your life back.

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