Find the Right General Manager for Right Now at a Fraction of the cost of a Full-Time Hire or a large search firm

Cerius gets it. A missing General Manager is a serious gap in most organizations. When you need a General Manager, you need the right one, right now.

Why Cerius?

Our network of interim, project-to-perm, and temporary General Managers are extensively vetted for quality and previous results.




Cerius interim and project-to-perm General Managers deliver decades of experience and the ability to get things done. They’re ready to hit the ground running and produce transformational results for companies at every stage of growth, in every industry.

Cerius interim executives include world-class part-time, interim, and temp-to-perm General Managers—guaranteed.



“It has been extremely enlightening working with [the interim]. His clear insight and logical approach has clarified a very irrational situation.”

A family-owned company with $25 million in revenues brought in an Interim General Manager for 3 months to reverse declining operations and transition in a permanent placement.

In just 3 months


  • Reduced sample order lead time by 50%+
  • Increased sample order volume capacity by 3x
  •  Reduced overall cost while decreasing defects due to decreased reworks & lead times
  •  Decreased customer complaints

“The Interim Executive completed several of the initiatives and made significant progress on remaining initiatives. His involvement and leadership of these initiatives over sixteen weeks was integral to getting them completed.”

A large automotive aftermarket company brought in an Interim General Manager after a couple of failed hires. The company’s operations had gotten to the point that they were losing customers.

In just 4 months, 5 days per week


  • Increased capacity 25%
  • Decreased backlog by 49%
  • Developed a functional working relationship between the various manufacturing facilities

One size does not fit all when it comes to the top leadership of the company. You decide what works best for the company and the situation:


Make sure you’ve found the right fit for both you and the General Manager. Keep the business moving forward before committing to a long-term, permanent General Manager.


You need a General Manager to quickly step in as leader of a business unit, plant, or the company. Whether the need is short-term to fix a number of issues and work with the current leadership or longer-term while you carefully conduct your permanent General Manager search, you need someone inside your company right now, working with your team as interim General Manager.



The best thing you can do in a crisis is to bring in someone who has stepped into the same situation several times before under similar circumstances and been successful as a General Manager during a Business Turnaround or plant closing with minimal impact to operations. We know the background and capabilities of the General Managers in our network and can find the right General Manager for each unique situation.



The General Manager is often responsible for executing the CEO’s vision and maintaining continuity for the direction of the company. You need someone with the right background, understanding of the business/industry, and ability to implement a vision that others will follow. We spend the time to understand what you need, provide our expert input and find the right General Manager for your company.

Find the right GENERAL MANAGER for right now.

Make one call and let Cerius help you find the right executive for your business, your industry, and your unique situation—within one week.