Cerius Business Today: Gig Economy and Talent Gaps

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In this episode of Cerius Business Today, Pam Wasley and Kristen McAlister educate listeners about the gig economy and how it can be used to fill talent gaps in organizations.

Kristen explains how you can use the gig economy to get to work immediately without buying the complete skillset:

“Often when you’re looking at the gig talent, we can get on boarded faster. Because rather than looking for a needle in the haystack that has these 10 different skillsets, I’m looking for someone who has these 2 skillsets. I want to find the expert in that and I can get them on boarded. I don’t have to get them trained. I don’t have to get them set up with a computer. I don’t have to have a desk space for them in most cases. We do the contract, they’re up and going the next day.”

“If you want to own something, fine buy the skillset. But stop trying to buy your own person as the employee. You can have the gig economy. You can have them on staff as an independent contractor for years to come, but just within that expertise or that skillset; or on project-by-project basis. Great thing about projects, there’s a beginning, there’s an end and there’s a timeline. As business owners what do we always ask? What’s the first thing you always ask when we talk about initiatives? How quick can it happen? How quickly can we get this done? Set it into a project and work backwards from there.”

Agreeing with Kristen, Pam tells us:

“Using the gig economy is like a dream come true where you can bring in the expert you need for the particular area that you need on a part-time or interim basis. It’s a thing of beauty. You’re not caught up in long-term agreements. You’re not caught into severance packages or worrying about labour laws.”

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