Good Interim Executives Versus Bad Managers (Part 1)


The difference between bad managers and good interim executives is like night and day.

If people aren’t happy with their manager, you’ll be hearing a lot about it at the water cooler. Bad leaders create an environment of low morale, unhappiness and distrust. How do you know you’ve got a bad manager? It’s when they’re performing below the baseline metrics of what makes a good one.

Good Interim Executives Are Always Learning

They are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and their teams by adding baseline and interpersonal skills to their capabilities. They attend events, courses and have mentors help them learn. Not only do they work on bettering themselves, but they also focus on polishing the skills of their employees.

Good leaders invest in themselves and will try to gain certifications in skills that help them perform better at the job. Although it should be noted that certifications by itself are no indicator of whether or not someone is an effective manager.

Interim Executives are Aware

People who are conscious of themselves and others are more likely to achieve success. Being aware of what team members are good at can help leaders better manage teams and assign tasks. It also helps them identify people on the team who need support because they are struggling.

Staying conscious of the plan also helps interim executives understand what results are expected and can gauge its effectiveness from results delivered.

Interim executives are active in the community

Good leaders are involved in the community both online and offline. It helps them learn about best practices, consumer demands and opportunities to give back. Furthermore, playing an active role in the community helps build a stronger and more loyal relationship with employees.

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