How Interim Executives Build Great Teams

Hiring the best people from the best schools and companies doesn’t immediately create the best team. Only great leaders & interim executives have the ability to harness the collective talent and skills of a group towards delivering good results.

A business is only as good as the people behind it. As important as their individual capabilities are, it’s their combined efforts that drive growth. Therefore, one of the first things any interim executive focuses on in an assignment is building strong teams.

Interim executives connect with team members first

The prerequisite to building a team is knowing all the candidates. Only if you know their individual strengths and weaknesses can you better place people in the right team. For example, you don’t want one sales team to be entirely hunters and the others entirely farmers. You need the right mix of hunters and farmers in every sales team.

The only way to know what kind each salesperson is, is to connect with them personally. Leaders can gauge somebody’s personality in more than one ways – interviews, questionnaires, observation or during a cup of coffee in lunch break. Rather than give a list of tasks to each team, interim executives will then assign tasks per team member according to their strengths.

Interim executives focus on communication

Good communication within teams, and between them and their supervisor leads to quicker and better results. It depends on defined goals and performance metrics that help move the organization in the right direction. Leaders need to communicate those goals and share the vision they are all collectively working towards.

Interim executives also ensure that there is communication within the team itself. Because it ensures everybody is working on the same page, it saves time, leads to better motivation and boosts performance. Clear and open channels of communication are necessary for any team to succeed.

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