How Interim Executives Create a Winning Company Culture

There are more ways than one that interim executives use to create a company culture that attracts the best talent and delivers results.

These days qualified people have more employment choices than before. It’s a contrast to a decade ago where anybody looking for a job was grateful to even get an interview. Because of the shift, companies are working harder than ever to create attractive work environments by building positive work environments.

Interim executives provide flexibility

Restrictive 9-to-5 work schedules are no longer effective. Studies proving that flexible work environments lead to higher productivity are piling up. It’s why modern organizations everywhere are increasingly offering flexible work hours to their employees. The option to work at their own schedule or even from home is hugely beneficial for people with families and other responsibilities/ interests. They no longer need to choose between the two, but can instead create a timetable that balances all their duties and passions.

Interim executives work with communities

A good way to boost a company’s image is to integrate with the local community. By getting involved in events and key issues in the area, they become aware of what is impacting residents. They can then contribute towards improving conditions that in turn positively impact their employees & families, and potential customers in the region.

Larry Page, CEO, Google, has said, “Make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact and is contributing to the good of society.”

Interim executives emphasize company values

It is important to remind employees of the values your company stands for. Managers achieve this by leading by example. They will be the first to follow those values in their work life before encouraging others to do the same. Those values are also reiterated in weekly meetings, discussions on strategy, brand messaging, corporate events, and more.

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