How Interim Executives Leverage Change Management

How Interim Executives Leverage Change Management

Interim executives are often sought when an organization is going through a transition. Through effective change management, they lead the company by providing guidance, support and a strategy that considers the needs of every stakeholder.

Change management largely revolves around planning. Interim executives create plans and strategies that can lead an organization through growth, rebranding, new projects, or even times of decline. Any time a business is going through a major transition, it requires effective change management to help lead it and achieve its vision.

Interim Executives listen to employees

Considering that a company’s employees will be the ones implementing the plans, it is important to have them onboard. Good managers involve them in the decision-making process and make sure that their needs and concerns are addressed. This can be achieved through open communication. Inform team members of what changes can be expected and schedule open discussions with them to listen to their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Interim executives maintain routine operations

Introducing change into a company can overwhelm team members. To diminish any worries, interim managers try to limit the effects of change. They largely focus on strategy and upper management and do not let day-t0-day operations be negatively impacted in any way. Keeping routine operations the way they were brings comfort to lower-level employees. However, if any changes are to be made to operations then they are launched in small phases so that employees can adjust better.

Interim executives focus on goals

A feature of change management is milestones. Managers set goals and deadlines and then work towards achieving them. Altogether they create a vision of where the company is headed. Furthermore, it motivates employees to work towards those end goals and create a sense of camaraderie where everyone is focusing on a common vision.

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