How Interim Executives Make Their Employees Stay

Loyal employees that would work for you through thick and thin is something only good leaders and interim executives can produce.

What if tomorrow one of your best employees won a million dollars at the lottery? The natural instinct for someone who never has to work again is to never work again. Interim executives would be worried about losing their best talent. But it’s not necessary they’d quit. Because sometimes a job becomes so much more than the money. If it’s a place of friendship, energy, excitement and happiness, your employee wouldn’t dream of leaving.

You need to make a workplace so enjoyable that your employees wouldn’t want to leave even if they got a better option.

Befriend your employees

Time and time again, studies have shown that having friends at work helps boost productivity. People who have unfriendly bosses are more likely to want to quit at the earliest opportunity. The movie Horrible Bosses hilariously portrays how 3 employees with bad bosses go one step further and plan to murder them. Don’t let relationships with your employees get so bad that they’d rather see you dead!

Be fair and honest

Your employees work hard to help make your organization grow. Don’t hold back on giving them praise and compensation for when they do a good job. It can be very demotivating to not get recognized for all the hours that you put in. Don’t be stingy in giving bonuses and increasing their salary. If you can’t, then have an open conversation about the state of the company and why you’re unable to compensate them.

If the organization is doing bad, it will further motivate them to work harder. Knowing that as the company gets stronger and better they will be rewarded is a major source of motivation for employees to help the company grow.

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