How Interim Managers Can Increase Productivity with Technology

With the rise of digital devices and tools, interim managers can achieve more goals and objectives in shorter periods of time.

Gone are the days where you would plan everything in your pocket-size notebook and carry it everywhere. With the prevalence of mobile phones and sophisticated productivity applications, interim managers can accomplish more at a quicker pace than ever before.

Interim managers and messaging apps

Messaging apps are not just useful for staying in touch with your friends and family. They have now become a staple in organizations for teams and departments to communicate and collaborate. Group messaging is a great way for teams to be in sync and discuss ideas in an open and collaborative environment.

Although any messaging app could be used, Slack has become a leader in workplace communication. Companies can set up different channels to discuss projects with different team members and across the organization with other departments.

Interim managers and reminders

Note taking and calendar apps are a great way to stay on track with your schedule. Other people in your organization can also add activities to your calendar to help remind you, like your secretary or team member. These days, an “I forgot” is no longer an excuse in businesses. Everybody relies on productivity applications to help them stick to their schedule.

Interim managers and documents

You can now carry all your company documents on your mobile, laptop or iPad. On the same document, you can also make edits and comments and email it to your team whilst retaining copies of all versions. When traveling, you no longer need to pack large amounts of paper documents nor worry about physically delivering them. For security purposes, you can store these files in a password-protected encrypted application.

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