How Interim Managers Deliver Results

Leaders each have their own approaches to optimizing time. But there are some common ways used by interim managers that work for everyone.

If there’s one thing that a billionaire, interim managers and somebody working on minimum wage have in common, it’s time. You have the same 24 hours in a day as Bill Gates,  Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. The reason they’re successful is that they manage that time efficiently.

Start with the important stuff

Before letting yourself get bogged down with routine stuff in the office, focus on completing tasks that have the most impact and urgency. A great way of achieving this to create a to-do-list and rank each task by impact and complexity. Those that rank highest in impact and ease should be the first items on your agenda.

Write it down

‘I forgot’ is no longer a valid excuse. With the amount of note-taking applications and digital  productivity tools available in the market, it is no longer okay to forget. The best solution is to write it all down. Your meetings, your ideas, the stuff you want to work on, that thing you needed to discuss. Put it all down on paper and it will burn in your memory.

Having your thoughts organized keeps you on track and helps you run efficient business deals and activities. Get a notebook and start writing everything down.

Use the quickest way 

“Meetings should really be phone calls, phone calls should be e-mails. And e-mails should just be text,” says Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Investor Naval Ravikant.

The best way to spend your time productively is to not waste it. Meetings can be a terrible drain of time. Don’t fall into the habit of holding meetings often and for matters that can be resolved over e-mail. Not only does it take your time away, it also pulls all the employees attending from their agendas as well.

Instead, communicating in writing helps provide clarity and gives space to the other party to respond better.

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