How Interim Managers Stay Creative

Unlike other leaders, interim managers are able to stay creative assignment after assignment. By constantly challenging themselves and maintaining a fresh perspective, they bring innovative change to companies.

Creativity is an essential trait found in successful leaders. Interim managers need to go a step further as their environment and dynamic changes with each assignment. The ability to think creatively helps leaders come up with out-of-the-box solutions and ideas to help businesses grow outside conventional strategies.

A common problem leaders face is losing their creative juices. Because after spending years, even decades, in the industry they eventually form a narrow perspective on what can or cannot be done in an organization. Going through the same decisions and routine stifles their creative instincts and thinking.

Interim managers, however, are lucky to be saved from this issue. Because their environment changes quickly, they retain that fresh perspective. Rather their creativity goes up because of their increased exposure to new ideas and strategies in multiple companies.

Criticism is good

Rarely does anything start out perfect. The best innovations, movies, products, and businesses all started less-than-perfect. It was only through constructive feedback and welcoming criticism were they able to become market leaders. Leaders that listen to other people and keep an open mind to new ideas are more likely to produce great results.

Agree first

It’s only natural to defend your hard work. So it’s not uncommon to see creators get defensive when their work is criticized. While it might save your ego, it doesn’t save your product or service. Getting defensive can give you all the reasons to stick with your current state. That’s not good as you lose flexibility in your thinking and close off your willingness to test alternate routes.



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