How to Create an Independent Executive Profile that Gets Found

Notes on how to create an executive profile that gets noticed by the talent experts at Cerius.

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Executive Profile

An executive’s career is far more than a two-to-three page resume which is one of the many reasons we have a custom executive profile for you in our network. When you applied, it imported your resume to avoid any duplicate efforts. What we now need is additional information to help us more easily identify you in our searches and when sending opportunities to you.

Please complete all dropdowns and any additional information in your extensive work experience that you weren’t able to fit on your resume. Unlike most firms, we do believe that more is better.

Please ensure you have completed this with all information including the last 20 years of work history. The biggest difference between the profile and most resumes is the Key Accomplishments and Results section. Be sure to provide the types of accomplishments and results you achieved, including any metrics you can disclose. This is the #1 request from clients.

You can read more about writing an executive online profile here:

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