How to do Content Marketing the Right Way

Do content marketing the right way by measuring effectiveness, keeping readers engaged, and delivering content so great that readers want to share it.

No digital marketing campaign is complete without content marketing. Through videos, blogs and social media posts, you can share information that helps stimulate interest in your product, service or brand.

Measure the impact

One of the hardest things to do in content marketing is measuring the effectiveness of your posts. It’s important to know if your content is making an impact. That can be measured through page views, comments, number of shares and buzz on social media, and time spent on the site. If people who read your content are recommending it to their friends by clicking the share button, you know you’re delivering good stuff.

Additionally, you also need to know whether or not your social media posts or blogs are helping your company achieve its goals. That can be measured as a bump in sales that coincides with a blog post, or a rise in people signing up to your newsletter. Make sure you’re directing readers towards the sales funnel as that is the ultimate goal of any content marketing strategy.

Keep readers engaged

A 10-minute post can be filled with rich detail and insights, but it can also get boring for some and scare away some readers after the first few paragraphs. The best way to keep readers until the end is to break the wall of text with sub-headings. It helps them skim the article as a whole and keeps them moving on to the next.

Use images and graphs as well to help readers understand the content better by providing some visual aid. Pulling quotes from the article is also a great way of providing bite-sized information that is easy to digest and gives readers key takeaways at a glance. Furthermore, if you can break your content into numbered lists or bullet points, you’ll find readers scrolling right down to the bottom.

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